Cité Desjardins in Lévis, 2014

Landscape architect François Courville
Landscape architect François Courville
Landscape architect François Courville
Landscape architect François Courville


Project description

The grey, granite grey and anthracite Avenue pavers cover 26 500 sq. ft.


A New Focal Point in the Lévis Landscape 

The $125 million fifteen storey building at the heart of the Cité Desjardins de la coopération in Lévis is visible from Old Quebec.

LEED Gold certification is being sought for the building. “Our internal program outlines 12 sustainable development initiatives. This includes reducing greenhouse gases, which depends in part on green construction,” said André Roy, lead engineer of the Mouvement Desjardins real estate project.

One of the goals has obviously been achieved: the new building has the tallest indoor vertical garden in the world. Called “The Currents”, it was designed by Vancouver firm Green Over Grey which drew its inspiration from the Saint Lawrence River’s stamp on the Lévis and Quebec City landscapes. Over 11,000 plants are distributed among six different tableaux over the 68-meter tall wall. The living artwork showcases a bevy of colours with varied patterns and textures. The main goal of the wall is to purify the air naturally and provide the 1500 employees with a year-round garden. 

The outdoor layout is also striking. Landscape architect François Courville explains that the concept was developed to create pedestrian traffic right in the middle of the Cité Desjardins. An impressive yellow-tinted boardwalk provides a pleasant path that connects the entire complex of buildings to the heart of the Cité Desjardins, the Place de la Coopération. Pavers were placed in an original pattern to cover the area. 

The dynamic design reflects the majesty of the water and the vibrancy of the location. A magnificent overview! The materials used for the pool coverings, boardwalk and furnishings come together in perfect harmony.



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