Commissioners Lane, Trois-Rivieres, 2015

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Project description

Commissioners Lane, Trois-Rivieres


A great deal of original thinking went into landscaping Commissioners Lane in Trois-Rivieres. The pavers’ shapes and colours were selected to draw parallels with history; the darker pavers are a nod to the lumberjacks of old who used to drive the logs down the Saint-Maurice river and other waterways.

The 20-metre wide pathway is complemented by a fountain, park benches, lampposts, gardens and two works of art along its 130-metre-length. Artist Jean-Marie Gagnon put four years into one of these works, which consists of six sails representing the six neighbouring towns that merged with Trois-Rivieres.

Five months and a $1.7 million investment were needed to bring the inauguration of the Commissioners Lane to the people of Trois-Rivieres. Mayor Yves Lévesque observed: “This pedestrian pathway affords exceptional views of Île Saint-Quentin”.

Bolduc supplied 10,000 sq. ft. of Avenue pavers for the Commissioners Lane project in Trois-Rivieres in a variety of hues like Granite Gray, Anthracite, Caledonia Pink, Clay Red and Sahara Beige. 

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