La Cité Verte, Quebec, 2014

Groupe Lemay+DAA
Groupe Lemay+DAA
Groupe Lemay+DAA


Project description

La Cité Verte, Quebec, 2014


For the Cité Verte project in Quebec City, Bolduc supplied Avenue pavers to cover a 36,000 sq. ft. area. These unique blue and green Avenue pavers were made specifically for this project.


An eco-friendly neighbourhood

The Cité Verte is much more than just homes. It is an eco-friendly neighbourhood located in a revitalized environment. It strikes the right balance between urban spaces and green areas that bring harmony to the residents, shop owners and visitors.


“Groupe Lemay+DAA designed the Cité Verte landscape architecture which aims to create a high quality outdoor environment, with a bold strategy for rainwater retention, harmonious coexistence between pedestrians and drivers, and a reduction in heat islands.” – La Cité Verte.


Quebec Mayor Labeaume notes that this project is destined to become a “window on Quebec City’s drive to integrate new eco-energetic and environmental technologies.”


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