Monastère des Augustines, Quebec City, 2015

Williams, Asselin, Ackaoui Inc
Williams, Asselin, Ackaoui Inc
Williams, Asselin, Ackaoui Inc
Williams, Asselin, Ackaoui Inc


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Monastère des Augustines, Québec


The Monastère des Augustines occupies the old wings of the first hospital of the Americas north of Mexico, the monastery of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec (1639). It is considered to be one of the most important heritage sites in Old Quebec.

Its heritage value is mainly due to its 17th-century European architecture, its protective wall and its expansive garden dating back to the colony’s infancy, and the continuity of its social role throughout its existence.

Completely restored and refurbished, it offers a unique way to reinvigorate yourself. It uses a secular approach while maintaining a connection with its Augustines heritage: experienced staff, museum, archive center, conferences, concerts, workshops, health food restaurant, boutique, specialized healthcare, etc. Many initiatives were also developed as part of the Trust’s social and cultural mission to help out personal or heathcare caregivers and provide accommodations for companions from distant regions.

In addition to donating the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec’s monastery, the Augustines gave the trust a $5 million endowment fund and paid $4.4 million to finance some of the cost of restoring and upgrading the monastery.

The federal and provincial governments and the City of Quebec contributed $37,550,000 to finance the greater part of the work.

14,000 sq. ft. of Bolduc Avenue pavers cover the monastery’s vehicle and pedestrian access.


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