Pointe-à-Carcy, Quebec, 2008

Landscape Architect : Groupe IBI/DAA
Landscape Architect : Groupe IBI/DAA
Landscape Architect : Groupe IBI/DAA
Landscape Architect : Groupe IBI/DAA


Project description


Groupe IBI/DAA

A project using 145,000 square feet of Avenue pavers 

Quebec Scores a Point! 

Pointe-à-Carcy owes its name to Guillaume Pagé, a Captain at the Port of Quebec of French Quercy lineage. His ancestral surname was transformed into “Carcy” and immortalized with the dedication of the Pointe-à-Carcy.

It took 16 months of work and $17.5 million to transform Pointe-à-Carcy into a vibrant, thriving juncture between River, Port and City. The project included the revamping of the 4000-seat Agora outdoor amphitheater. “The amphitheater’s circular layout, designed to evoke riverside dunes, highlights the Customs service’s heritage building and has become the visual and functional hub of a variety of activities”, said landscape architect Élise Beauregard.

Minister Blackburn hailed the project as an unequivocal success. “Thanks to the outstanding quality of the project, Pointe-à-Carcy has been transformed into a dynamic urban park that will add to the quality of life of Quebec City residents for years to come. Since the site provides exceptional views of the River, Cap-Diamant and some of the city’s most beautiful heritage buildings, it will also be irresistible to tourists. It is yet another reason that this four century-old city is one of the prime tourist destinations in North America.”

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