Saint-Sacrement Park, Terrebonne, 2013

Landscape Architect : Groupe BC2
Landscape Architect : Groupe BC2
Landscape Architect : Groupe BC2


Project description

Saint-Sacrement Park

Anthracite and granite grey Avenue pavers covering 13,000 square feet.

A major investment for a vibrant downtown!

Citizens of all ages benefit from Saint-Sacrement Park’s recent $4.7 million makeover. Terrebonne Mayor Jean-Marc Robitaille spoke proudly of the result: “We are the tenth biggest city in Quebec and the fourth biggest in the Montreal area. Terrebonne truly deserves this modern, versatile and central public venue. Our administration considers this space an investment for a vibrant downtown where our children, families and you can celebrate our culture.”

Skateboard enthusiasts are well served with a skate plaza designed just for them. Green belts within the plaza make their activity more enjoyable while also cutting down on heat islands.

When designing Saint-Sacrement Park, Groupe BC2’s landscape architect and project manager, Marjorie Pratte, observed that selected pavers perfectly matched the objectives especially considering the number of different finishes and variety of standard colours that were available.


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